About this site

The menu

The menu is autogenerated by a PHP script based on an XML file that defined the menu structure. From this file, the script can infer which parts of the menu to show.

Falling things

The pictures falling down on the family site are generated by a java-script written by Jacob.


www.an-ja.dk has been tested in the following browsers:
- Internet Explorer 8
- Internet Explorer 7
- Firefox 3.5.7
- Firefox


All pages has been validated as "XHTML 1.0 strict" by w3c. You can validate these pages and your own here. Note that we are actually using a feature not allowed in XHTML 1.0 strict. See below.

Links opening in new pages

All links referring to another website opens a new browser window. Note: This is NOT a part of XHTML 1.0 strict. However, the pages are still validating. This is achieved by a java-script. All links which are to open in a new window have been marked with the attribute "rel" and the script then adds the forbidden target-attribut to these links at runtime.